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How Can Simple CFO Help Your Audience?

We provide Fractional CFO Services for, primarily, real estate investors. We provide our clients with more breakthroughs, clarity and profit than ever before by implementing the Profit First methodology combined with our proprietary tools, systems and softwares! 

David Richter, the owner of Simple CFO, wrote the book Profit First for Real Estate Investing and we utilize that framework to help achieve the best financial results for our clients.

Our CFOs are highly trained, skilled individuals who love serving clients to the fullest extent. We provide all of our CFOs with world-class training & support to ensure each one of our clients gets maximum results.

Now, your audience will have more clarity in their finances than ever before, which will allow them to better plan for your membership fees/dues/investment & better gauge the results, from a financial perspective, of your products, programs, and mentorships they’re a part of, which means it’ll help you look even better to your audience (because you and I both know your products CRUSH it!)

This way, the client is winning because it’s lowering their stress & you are winning because our CFOs will help showcase how your business is helping them win!

What does your community get?

The man, the myth, & the legend himself (David Richter) will come do a presentation specifically tailored to your audience, and he’ll give everyone in attendance everything you see on our Profit First Cheat Sheet pictured above! The presentation is entitled: “How To Make More Money Without Doing More Deals.” It walks through the Profit First concepts, and teaches exactly how to keep more of the money a business owner already makes! 

Here is a link to an example of the presentation David does. This gives you a good idea of what David will speak about when he comes to your group.

We don’t want to hold anything back. We are giving away everything to your audience because our #1 mission is to help business owners gain maximum financial clarity. 


Below is the full Profit First Cheat Sheet that David will give away in your group. It has over $5,000 in value that he’ll give away for free!

Take Your Earnings to the Next Level in
Just 3 Steps

1. Fill Out The Form

Beneath this section, you’ll see a form to fill out. Enter your information, and someone from our affiliate department will reach out to learn a bit more about you, your business & your audience. Once we determine that we’re a good fit for each other, it’s time for step 2!

2. Schedule David To Speak To Your Audience

To kick off our official affiliate relationship in the most impactful way, we suggest having David come in to your group (whether in person or virtually via Zoom) to present on Profit First & teach how your audience can keep more of the money they’re already making, without having to do more deals or make more sales. 

3. Let Our Sales Team Close & You Get Paid

Our sales team has a closing ratio between 25-30% on our main package offering. We will send your audience to book a call on a calendar, which will be tagged for you specifically on Go High Level (our CRM). You’ll see who signs up in your custom affiliate dashboard, and will be paid out the same week someone from your audience signs up!

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