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We provide our CFOs with industry leading training, tools & frameworks for you to use for all your clients. Plus, we’ll give you paying clients on demand, and add you into our community of like-minded professionals who are looking to grow as CFO’s. Be a strategic partner and join our CFO network today!



We are a collective group of Fractional CFOs who primarily service the real estate industry, and we provide our clients with more breakthroughs, clarity and profit than ever before! We wrote the book Profit First for Real Estate Investing and utilize that framework to help our clients achieve better financial results than ever before. 

Our CFOs are highly trained, skilled individuals who love serving clients to the fullest extent. We provide all of our CFOs with world-class training, on-demand paying clients (so you never have to worry about sales or marketing for clients ever again), and each CFO is added into our incredible community of high-level professional CFOs to learn, grow and sharpen one another daily.


1. Training

We’ve developed the most comprehensive CFO training, tools and frameworks, which are given to every CFO who joins our network with lifetime access to be used on clients gained from Simple CFO + current and future clients you gain from other sources. Due to the quality + depth of our training, CFOs in our network are immediately able to increase the retainer fee they are charging because a higher level of service is now being offered to the client. Plus, our leadership team here at Simple CFO is always here to guide, answer questions and support you in all aspects of your business.

2. On-Demand Clients

Simple CFO is the leading provider of fractional CFO services in the real estate industry, so, as a result, we have a constant influx of new clients needing help to gain financial clarity, stability and breakthrough! Not only do our CFOs receive a large upfront payment for accepting a client, but also receive a monthly retainer base with them. Our team handles all accounting, billing and client issues, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle and stress. All you have to do is focus on providing the best quality service to your clients as possible.

3. Support + Community

Once you join our network of CFOs, you’ll be invited to our slack channels, weekly mastermind meetings, regularly scheduled on-going trainings, impromptu continued education, events and more! We have some of the best CFOs in the country on our team. In addition, our leadership team here at Simple CFO is one slack message, text or email away from supporting you with questions, client issues or anything at all! If you want to surround yourself with a group of high-performing, deeply committed CFOs, then you’ve found your home.

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