Refer A Friend To Simple CFO & You Each Get $1,000!

When you refer a fellow business owner who signs up for our services, you get $1,000 off your next invoice & the friend you referred gets $1,000 off their initial investment!

Why Should You Refer Your Friends?

1. Alleviating Their Stress!

You have an opportunity to change your friend’s life forever by showing them how to relieve all the anxiety, stress and worry centered around their finances. If your friend was drowning & you could throw a life preserver to save them, would you? This is your opportunity to not only throw out the life preserver, but send out the lifeguard to dive in to bring them to shore safely!

2. Helping Us Get The Profit First Message Out

Here at Simple CFO, we are passionate about one thing: helping business owners achieve true financial clarity with the Profit First system. You’re helping us fulfill our mission of decreasing the stress of business owners with every referral you send our way. Seriously, thank you for even being on this page to consider referring someone. It means the world to us that you care enough to help us serve business owners as much as possible!

3. You’re Saving You + Your Friend $$$

You get $1,000 & your friend gets $1,000. Nuff said. No but for real: this is a great way to be a blessing to your friend that you get to put $1,000 in their pocket, plus you get $1,000 in yours, too! If you consistently refer people to us, you could get your CFO for FREE. Pretty stinking cool to get a life-changing service for free, huh?

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