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Joey English – Founder of Focus Property Solutions LLC

It makes you feel good to know that you’re working with somebody you can trust…

And because of David, SimpleCFO, and knowing my numbers — I’m now a millionaire!

Rich Lennon – Owner at RVA Property Solutions

It’s not an exaggeration to say that David Richter changed the trajectory of my life…

SimpleCFO legitimately changed my business, my kids lives, and my family will literally benefit for generations.

Kevin Thomas – Founder of Liberty Real Estate Solutions

SimpleCFO has been a game changer for our business. We know we have the money for the bills that we need when they come up each month.

Vance Courtney – Founder of SOS Home Offers

SimpleCFO has changed the trajectory of our business and our lives. Not only does SimpleCFO care about the bottom line, but they care more about how it impacts me, my investment strategies, and everything.

Jeremy & Joshua Mathis – Founders of Freedom Cash Home Buyer

When Michael from SimpleCFO holds us accountable… we’ve seen instrumental change in us and in our business. He helps us actually look at our business as business owners.

Ralph Fredella – Owner of I’ll Buy Your House Today

If you’re willing to put in the work and if you want the clarity in your business and in your numbers [SimpleCFO] is definitely worth investing in. It is really the best money I’ve invested in at any time in our business.

Casey Ames – Owner and CEO of Taylor Jene Homes Inc.

David Richter – I love the guy. Super kind, go-giver spirit.

The Profit First model has helped our businesses drastically… [and it] changes the trajectory of what your business is going to do.

Toni Counts – Owner of Innovation Counts

We now have 6 months of owner’s compensation reserves so there is never a time where we don’t have enough money to pay the owners…

Chris Fagan – Gem State Cash Offer

With David you’re going to know exactly what you’re showing up for, and he’s going to deliver… he’s not going to do it unless he’s bringing you some value.

Definitely worth – whatever he’s doing – to pay attention to it and be a part of it.

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Mike Michalowicz – Author of Profit First, Founder of Profit First Professionals

If you are serious about profitability…work with SimpleCFO Solutions!

David and his team have the skills and tools to drive your business forward to ensure profitability.

Matt Andrews – Ringleader at Family Mastermind

Why should you work with David Richter and his team?

It’s simple – you don’t know what you don’t know.

David Richter understands the Profit First philosophy. He understands not just how you make money, but how you structure it, how you keep it, and how you organize it. That’s what high-level entrepreneurs really need.

Todd Toback – Chief Visionary Officer at Get It Done House Buyers Inc.

I had no idea how much I was making and I was paying the price. I was running from deal-to-deal like a chicken with my head cut off. All that changed when I got a fractional CFO to run my business… Now I have the clarity and focus to run my business like a true CEO.


Here’s what we’ve learned from helping our clients grow and scale their 7-8 figure businesses…

The most successful owners have superstars on their team who drive and grow each department in their business.

We’ve seen too many entrepreneurs fall short of what they’re capable of because they’re doing too much by themselves.

They’re taking sales calls while driving, running operations, and implementing new marketing campaigns all the while trying to manage their finances (and keeping their business afloat).

To have the business and lifestyle they really want…

Business owners need to have competent, reliable, strategic partners in every pillar of their business. 

Let’s make it personal – whether you want to…

    • stop living deal-to-deal, 
    • need more clarity and confidence in your numbers, or 
    • desire more time and financial freedom…

You need A-players on your financial team who will help you achieve the results you’re looking for. And one of the most important players is a CFO.

A high-level CFO will help you identify and resolve root issues in your business that you may not be seeing in your financials.

They will coach and guide you towards great financial business decisions and steer you away from making costly mistakes.

At SimpleCFO, all of our CFOs are hand-selected, trained, and matched with clients based on your desired goals around growth, scale, profitability, and lifestyle. 

As you’ve seen from the reviews on this page, we help owners like you make and keep more money in their businesses.

*Please Note* None of the people on this page have been compensated (in any way) for their reviews or stories. Our clients are all real people who have achieved real results by working with our Simple CFOs…

Will you be our next success story?

If you’re reading this.. You’ve already seen that from CEOs to 8-figure serial entrepreneurs, we’ve helped business owners grow and scale their companies with our CFOs.

We are confident that we will eliminate the stress surrounding your finances and help you set up cash flow systems that will grow your profit and owner’s pay.

If you’re serious about creating a healthy and thriving business… or just want to explode your revenue… follow the simple instructions below to book a no-obligation discovery call with us!


Step 1: Click the button below:

Step 2: You will be forwarded to our “Get Started” form. We encourage you to fill it out honestly and to the best of your knowledge. The more info you share with us, the better we’ll be able to help you on the call. 

Step 3: After you click the “Book a Call” button – pick a time and date from the calendar that works for you.

Step 4: On the call, we’ll have a quick chat to get clear on your business goals and any obstacles that may be holding you back. If it sounds like a good fit, we may invite you to work with us as a client.

**Important** Due to the high demand for our CFO service, we often have a long list of people who want to get started with us. We don’t accept everyone as clients, so if we end up not being a good fit, please know that our decision comes from having your best interests at heart. We want you to be wildly successful, and if we’re not the right fit, we’ll connect you with another trusted person in our network.