Wheelchairs and Real Estate: How Augie Byot Lives His Legacy through Chair the Love

Title: “Wheelchairs and Real Estate: How Augie Byot Lives His Legacy through Chair the Love”


Episode: 191

“What I love about teaching real estate is seeing the transformation in individuals, families, and futures…” – Augie.

In this episode of the Profit First for REI podcast, we have Augie Byllott, a nationally recognized author, trainer, coach, and speaker who teaches creative real estate investing.

He was an investor since the 80s and helped a lot of people by making an impact on them. Augie owns an education and training company, and he supports a foundation.

Know more about him and how he gets his life to the fullest by living your legacy!

Enjoy the show!


Key Takeaways:

[01:00] Introducing Augie Byllott

[04:40] “Living Your Legacy”

[06:12] Becoming a Transaction Engineer

[07:18] Becoming a Marketing Master

[08:18] Being a Chief Entrepreneurial Officer

[15:20] What he loves about teaching real estate investing

[25:03] Learning exit strategies in life



[03:16] “You help entrepreneurs learn how to stop trading hours for dollars… Be careful not to become wage slaves.”

[06:43] “I had to learn how to engineer transactions so that I could always use my money the way I could use it best.”

[12:30] “Living one’s legacy gives you the greatest fulfillment because you are living your true purpose.”


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Speaker 1:

That’s what I loved about being able to teach real estate for so many years because I had a, a very successful coaching program, which I gave up. I was able to walk away. But what I loved about doing that was seeing the transformation in individuals, in families, in futures.

Speaker 2:


Speaker 1:

And when we give someone a wheelchair, the impact is immediate.

Speaker 3:

If you’re a real estate investor who’s sick and tired of living deal to deal, then welcome home. Hear from everyday real estate investors just like you, and discover how they’ve completely transformed their business by taking a profit First approach. This is the profit first for r e I podcast, where we believe revenue is vanity. Profit is sanity. It’s time to start making profit a habit in your business. So here’s your host, David Richter.

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Speaker 2:

Is a very, very special video to me because I have someone here that I respect greatly. We have Augie byot here and one of the reasons I even started Simple C F O was to give more. And if you’re coming here and you’re watching this video, you probably have that heart and you want to do more in your life with your family. You want to give, you don’t wanna just wake up and be in the rat race like you were in a W two job or if you’re a W two job becoming an entrepreneur. I don’t want you to feel the rat race once you get here, but a lot of people do. A lot of people don’t talk about that they work, work, work. And then hopefully one day in the future it’ll all be worth it. But I wanna talk about something here today.

And I have my friend Oggie here because of a couple different reasons. We’re gonna talk a little bit about his background in real estate and how he get, gets to live his life now. But we’re also, the title of this is called Living Your Legacy. And I want to make sure that Augie gets to speak on that because he has a foundation now. He’s been a real estate investor since the eighties. He’s done a lot of different things and helped a lot of people and made a big impact. And that’s what we want to do. Simple. C F O is a monthly donor torch chair, the love. So I want to be able to showcase some of the things that we’re giving to as well and some of the people that we get to support. So that way if you want to support them, you get to know them as well too. So that’s where I wanted to be right now in this mindset and in this space. And Augie, thank you so much for agreeing to do this video with me today.

Speaker 1:

Well David, I’m thrilled to be here. You know, I wasn’t always a real estate investor. I was, I actually had a nine to five job at one point in my life and I was a banker for 22 years. Oh

Speaker 2:


Speaker 1:

And oh, what a lot of people don’t know is real estate is what set me free. Awesome. I became an accidental investor back in the mid 1980s and I bought my first house. It was up on Long Island and we converted it from a single family. We finished the basement and now I had a one bedroom apartment. I had a duplex and I cut my mortgage payment in half.

Speaker 2:

Nice. So

Speaker 1:

That was kind of the, the beginning. But real estate actually allowed me doing it part-time while I was working in the banking industry. Yeah. Be able to retire at age 50. Oh wow. And I was to replace my income from that corporate job and free myself of trading hours for dollars. And you know, as entrepreneurs, one of the things I love that you do in, in service to the entrepreneur community is you help entrepreneurs learn how to stop trading hours for dollars. Not just in a job working for somebody else, but even in their own job. Right. You have to be careful not to become wage slaves. So I applaud everything that you do ’cause it makes such a big difference.

Speaker 2:

I appreciate that. I appreciate that greatly. ’cause There’s so many people out there that don’t talk about, and they don’t talk about it. They’re hurting their living deal to deal or paycheck to paycheck, month to month as an entrepreneur. And they’re totally trading the time for money. And it’s like, oh man, like we gotta get you to a good place that you started this business for a different reason. Even if you’re listening to this now and watching this video, and you don’t, let’s just say you never thought about charitable giving or any of that. One big reason might be because you’re in survival mode, <laugh>. ’cause You’re literally thinking about that next deal. And that’s where if you follow the rest of our stuff, if you go to simple c f o, like the main page or whatever, that’s where we help people just try and get out of that, that survival mode with money.

And honestly, to get to where Augie’s been for years now and being able to be a, to be not only retire, but what they want to do and what, what Augie what you want to do is you are making a big impact with the, with the chair the love. And I want to talk about that. But I also want talk about, let’s talk about what you have talked like in different presentations. The living Your legacy. I absolutely love that phrase, but what does that mean to you? What is that about? Like let’s dive into that.

Speaker 1:

Well, a a as I developed my real estate business Yeah. You know, I was able to retire at 50 and I thought I was gonna actually retire. And I failed miserably because I moved from New York to Florida. I met the guy across the street. He told me about his buddy that was going into have a, a divorce with his wife and they were gonna abandon their property. Hmm. I said, wait, before they do that and ruin their credit, let me talk to them. And I ended up buying their house subject to, and I had bought another property 13 days after I came to Florida because I didn’t have wholesalers up in New York, you know, 20 some odd years ago. And I started doing deals. So my retirement was very short-lived. And over the years I accumulated, you know, quite a few transactions. And I started to look at what were the similarities in those transactions and how was my business beginning to grow because I volunteered with my local r taught some classes and before I knew it, people were looking for at me to become their coach.

And I said, wait a minute. I I don’t have time to do that. I was buying, fixing and selling houses. I was creating a rental portfolio. I started doing private lending. So now I’ve got these multiple streams of income being created. And what I realized was there were four components that could create a successful real estate entrepreneur level one. Well the, the first phase was becoming what I called a transaction engineer. And that was having the ability to do real estate transactions a lot of different ways. Now, you know, as, as we were talking just before we got started, I stopped counting transactions at about 600. And that’s over the last say 20 years or so. And the thing that was unique, if anything, was that I had two bank loans. Hmm. Was it, everything else was structured with creative financing of one form or another.

So I had to learn how to engineer transactions so that I could always use my money the way I could use it best. I want to be a good steward no matter what I’m doing. And that allowed me to build a rental portfolio. Those deals I did with cash, I would typically fix and flip. So if I had terms where I didn’t have anything affecting my debt to income ratio and my credit, that was good. So I did lots of both kinds of transactions and so I kind of became a master at level one. But now what’s level two? Well, I had to become a marketing master. I had to be able to generate leads. And it was funny because I had gone to a seminar and this guy said, oh, just get out there and do it market, market market, market market. And I kind of put the hor a horse before the cart because I did all this marketing, spent all this money and I had no clue what to say.

Hmm. I wouldn’t answer my phone. Right. You know, ’cause I was a really successful guy in the banking industry, but now I’m in this new thing full-time and going, what, what, what, what do I say? What do I do? So that’s why I’m becoming a transaction engineer is the first and most important thing. You develop your communication skills, your transaction structuring, and you learn how money works. But now, now you’re prepared. You need to become a marketing master to generate those leads and convert them. And then the next level I realized I was not really a business owner at that point. I was a wage slave. I was still trading hours for dollars. Yeah. Now I had to set up my business and build my business team so that, you know, I’ve, I I told you I have a C P A I’ve been working with for over 20 years.

I didn’t have something available at that time such as a fractional C E o, which is a brilliant concept because that would’ve helped me immensely. But thankfully I got hooked up with a great C P A, he’s been my C P A now for 20 years. And he saved me, I would say millions of dollars over the last 20 years in tax liability. And I’ve never cheated on my taxes. He’s really ethical, keeps me on the up and up and I really appreciate ’em. So now as a business owner, I could start planning how I would operate my business and how much time I would give to the business. See, before it was all of my time was owned by the business. But now as a business owner, things changed. So we went transaction engineer, we went marketing master business owner. But as I mentioned earlier, I started driving all these different revenue streams and sometimes they need to be taxed differently.

So I had different businesses now that I’m operating. And so you kind of eventually graduate into what I call the C e O position Chief Entrepreneurial Officer. Yeah. So you, you, you’ve got different businesses that are all feeding the kitty. And I thought that’s as far as it would go. I always started making really good money and I got to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. And I don’t know if I read it, if I heard it or where it came from, but I realized it wasn’t enough. There was still this e empty thing in, in my world. And what it was, I started reading about legacy. You know, we put together a living trust and you know, what’s gonna happen with the next generation and how much money’s gonna be left for charity and those kinds of things. And I realized that it was more than just how much you can accumulate, but what can you do with what you’ve accumulated.

Right. We tried to be generous. We gave to our church and we supported chair the love I got introduced. She had the love through a buddy of mine. And over a probably a 10 year period, we went from donating two wheelchairs to two containers and you know, and I never would’ve thought that was gonna happen. Right. And then I went on a trip and that’s the thing that got me hooked. I went on a wheelchair distribution and I realized that I had yet another calling. And it was to not leave a legacy, but to live it. Hmm. And living our legacy simply means that we have put all the things in place necessary to fund our life’s activities. You know, using assets Yeah. To create income as opposed to trading hours to produce income. And in doing so, I’ve gotten to travel the world. This year we will deliver over 3000 wheelchairs.

And just since, just since January we’ve been to Nicaragua, we’ve been to Trinidad, Tobago, Kenya, which is the first time we’ve been to Africa, the Philippines, and Mexico. Wow. And now we’re at the midpoint of the year. And plus, you know, add on to that, a couple trips to New York to visit our new grandson and a a a few real estate events. I got to go on a real estate cruise where we got to talk about share the love and we raised money and I got to go to Dealmaker, you know, Jim Domingo’s event up in Virginia. And again, we got to raise some money. And so my time is being effectively invested in service to others. Yeah. And yet I get the greatest sense of joy and fulfillment out of it. Yeah. So I really feel like I get the better end of the bargain.

And yet living one’s legacy gives you the greatest fulfillment because you’re actually living your true purpose. Hmm. Okay. I mean, you know, I’m a parent, I’m a grandparent. Those are purposes too. But if all I did was that a lot of people would go unserved. Right. What is our capacity to give, not just of our money, but of our time and our talent, you know? Oh man, this is so good. And that’s the thing that makes such a difference. I met this girl and she helped us with our distribution in Kenya and we became friends via WhatsApp. I have friends now all over the world. Yeah. And she asked me, she said, I wanna become a pastor and there’s a school in Michigan and I’ve raised about half of what I need to go. Do you know anything, any way I could raise more. So I talked to a couple of people and we’ve helped her to raise some of the more that she needs.

Yeah. We’ve got a young guy who just received a wheelchair. And the coolest thing is in the process of happening, he’s 41 years old. He’s got, he, he’s a huge guy. I mean, size wise, his upper body, I mean, he would look like a, like a linebacker. Okay. And yet he’s got these scrawny little legs with club feet that they’re just twisted around. Yeah. At 41 years old lives with his mom. ’cause Until he got his wheelchair at age 41, he literally crawled on his knuckles. Wow. And you can see he’s got these huge calluses and you know, it, it, it’s hard to describe. And so he and I became buddies and he posted on social media one day he, that he was feeling depressed ’cause he still doesn’t feel like he has a purpose. I said, well, what do you wanna do? What if, if you had your choice, what would you like to, I’d like to open a little store.

I said, did you ever run a store? No. But I was able to contact one of our partners from the Rotary Club in one of the cities. We distributed wheelchairs and they’re gonna work with him to see if they can actually put him to work because he doesn’t feel useful yet. You know, he couldn’t be useful when he had a crawl. But now that he’s got a chair, he’s got mobility. And so these additional things that are starting to happen are not just changing somebody’s ability to move, but actually changing the trajectory of their life. Yeah. Man, this is so good. And, and that, that’s what I loved about being able to teach real estate for so many years because I had a a, a very successful coaching program, which I gave up. I was able to walk away and, but what I loved about doing that was seeing the transformation in individuals, in families, in futures. Yeah. And when we give someone a wheelchair, the impact is immediate.

You know, and, and you know, I’ve got lots and lots of stories I could tell, but I’ll just share a couple if I, if you don’t mind. Yeah. we met a guy in Mexico a few years ago and we had given his daughter a wheelchair and he cried. And there’s always a lot of tears when you’re giving away wheelchairs because it’s tears of joy typically. And he said, you have done something that I have not been able to do. My daughter has not had a wheelchair since she was nine years old. And we just celebrated ha quinceanera her 15th birthday. That’s a very big thing in, in the, the Hispanic communities. And he said, I have worked multiple jobs. There was just no way I could ever save enough money to buy my daughter a wheelchair. And you brought it to her. You have given her mobility, you have restored her freedom.

And, you know, it just, it just struck me, this, this man’s, you know, passion for his child and his gratitude that we were, and a wheelchair costs $200. Yeah. You know, I mean, when’s the last time you, you went out to a nice dinner and didn’t spend close to $200? Right. Especially if you have a bottle of wine. Okay. Yeah. And, and I don’t deny people the right to go out to dinner because we should, we should enjoy life. We were not put here to be miserable, but how can we increase our joy by helping others? Right. And that’s what these wheelchairs do. I met this other guy, you know, and I learn every time we give wheelchairs away, I get schooled again. This happened to be in Mexico. It was the first time we were doing a nighttime distribution at a clinic and it hadn’t quite opened yet.

So we were doing it outdoors. And it was at the top of a hill. And I had just given this little boy a wheelchair, you know, congratulating his parents and you know, wishing them well. And I turn around and crawling up the driveway on his stomach, pulling himself by his elbows is this young guy. And I, I just kind of lost control for a minute. And I yelled, get a wheelchair, get him a wheelchair quick. And we brought a wheelchair down to him and we get him in the chair, we bring him up under the lights and my buddy says to him, so how do you like your new wheelchair? And he looks and square in the eye and he goes, s this is not my wheelchair. No, it is, it really is your wheelchair. No sanor. This is not my wheelchair. Believe me, it’s your wheelchair. It’s yours to keep, there’s no cost to it. It’s yours. He goes, s this is not my wheelchair, this is my Cadillac.

Speaker 2:

Nice <laugh>.

Speaker 1:

And it just blew my mind. He was so excited he could go work. Yeah. He’d been in a motorcycle accident six years prior.

Speaker 2:

Oh wow.

Speaker 1:

He was the youngest in the family and he was like 26 years old when I met him. And he was the last one living at home with his father. Yeah. And his father was an elderly little guy that could not carry his son.

Speaker 2:


Speaker 1:

Wow. And so we gave him a Cadillac. Yeah. And it, it, it’s amazing. You know, people’s, they, they’re thrilled. You know, what’s the most important thing about this wheelchair for you? I can go to church, I can go back to school. I can do this, I can do that. This one woman was overjoyed because of the two great benefits a wheelchair would provide. It’s gonna make it easy for me to go to church and easy for me to do housework.

Speaker 2:

Hmm. Wow. <Laugh>.

Speaker 1:

You never know what answer you’re gonna get. Yeah. This is,

Speaker 2:

This is so great. I, I wanted to just jump in here because I feel like what you’re saying, you are living your legacy instead of leaving the legacy. I love when you said that when we were meeting a few weeks ago when we were planning this video, but you said it’s living your legacy. You’re living that now you get, you have these stores because you’re out there. It seeing it, it’s not something that you just gave money to and then pass it on, you know, down the future. It’s more like you get to see these stories, you get to live them, you get to see them Well the eyes light up, you get to see those types of things. And that’s what being a part of chair of the love, like if you give to chair the love, you’re a part of that. Like you’re a part of these stories and you get to help these people be mobile.

That’s why I love this. Like honestly this is good for me to hear because we give to chair the love and it’s like I get to be a part of these stories and what the distribution of the wheelchairs and that. So it’s like, that’s why I believe I was put on this earth. It was not to just make a bunch of money and then go out there and just spend it all on the thing. You know, like the toys and the gadgets. It was like, I wanna take care of my family and I want to leave a legacy. But I love what you say, I want to live this legacy too and I want to give to these things and I want to give up my time. And this has just been incredible. And that’s why I’m so avid about, you know, like you have to make sure you’re not in that survival mode and just because if you can’t, if you are, you can’t think about this stuff.

It’s like you’re just consumed with always living to that next deal. But gie this has been awesome. Honest. Can I, I wanna say one other thing. I think you gave us a masterclass. You gave us a masterclass, not in just real estate investing but in business ownership with those four levels. With the fifth bonus one, which I feel like the fifth one can be like, you could do this at any time. So you said transaction engineer. So any business that you’re in, you gotta learn how to do the thing. Number two, a marketing master. Once you can fulfill the thing and you know you’re good at that, it’s like how do we get more leads in the door then business owner? Because then you’re building a team that’s helping you and do more and be able to do the things that you’re already doing. Then c e o, I love that the chief entrepreneurial officer, like now you’re more over the business and you’ve got the things clicking and you’re able to be that more of like in that leadership seat.

Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> over the whole business. Now you’re, you know, you’ve got a good team that’s also creating other team members than living your legacy. Which can be, which if you realize what Augie’s saying, like if you’re watching this video or listening to this right now, living your legacy can be done at any point in here. Did you hear that he was already giving to his church and stuff? Like he had a giver heart, he had a giving heart. You don’t think that just because you’re giving $10 a week or a hundred dollars a month or something like that starts somewhere. That’s what we always say with like profit first and with the management part it’s like, just start somewhere. Start with where you can. Same thing if you have a heart forgiving, don’t think that it’s this one day in the future I’ll give, once I make money, it’s what can we do today?

Is it $5 this month? Because that’s all you have because you are in survival mode and maybe $5 won’t make or break. Yeah. So it’s just thinking about that too. But this has been, this has been awesome. I love the stories. I love hearing exactly how you’re impacting people and then what it’s had on your life too. I love what you said at the end there that you’re getting schooled every time you go out there with someone that’s like, hey, it’s, it’s always something that they say because just think about this. I mean, think okay man, I’m just so excited. Like he just said with this lady, the two biggest things in her life, going to church and being able to do housework. We are spoiled. We are so spoiled. Like we think we’re in survival mode. But think about these people, the the man who couldn’t pick up his son for six years and he, the son was immobile. You know, and it’s like that type of thing where we live such a privileged life. If you’re here in America, it’s like that’s where I wanna make sure that you can go out there and you can make an impact in your world as well too. And this has been awesome Oggie. This is, this is so exciting to me. Now, if people want to give to chair their love is that, that QR code right behind you, is it probably a good place? Can they scan that and that’s what takes <crosstalk>? They can,

Speaker 1:

They can just scan that and donate. You can do a monthly donation. $18 and 50 cents a month, actually buys a wheelchair over the course of a year. Wow. And the thi cool thing about, about it is we have no limit on how the upside, however much you wanna donate. Yeah. We’re happy to accept because every time we raised $56,000 we can deliver another container of wheelchairs. Wow. We deliver shipping containers of wheelchairs that’s 280 wheelchairs in a container and each chair impacts about 10 lives. So each container impacts almost 3000 people. Wow. And one other thing I’d like to just share with anybody who’s watching, if you’d like to join us on a distribution, we’d love to have you later this year. We’re going back to Mexico, we’re going to Belize, we have a trip going to Vietnam in November. We’ve got a lot of trips coming up.

You can always learn more about what we do@sharethelove.org. And again, you can use that QR code to make a donation. Awesome. We certainly appreciate it. And the the last thing I wanna leave people with Yeah. Is, is what really kind of turned me onto this idea of living my legacy. You know, one of the things you learn in real estate is exit strategies. Yes. A lot of different ways to exit a property and some are way more profitable than others. And I realized that everything I knew about Legacy said I had to die. Hmm. That and death is a lousy exit strategy. Right. <laugh>. So, you know, I mean a lot of the same things would’ve happened but you know, to David’s point, I never would’ve been around to hear those stories. To meet these people and to get to share in their lives and in their stories is a powerful thing.

And I can remember stories from every distribution I’ve been on, probably 20 distributions now over the last few years. And I gotta tell you, the stories are amazing. They’re raw, they’re deep, they’re personal, and yet these people are very happy to share their story. You know, when I first started out I was embarrassed. I, I felt number one, I was, I felt guilty because hey I’ve never needed a wheelchair. Mm-Hmm. And I’ve been grateful that I haven’t needed a wheelchair. Yeah. And you know, who am I to be, you know, asking these people questions And yet once you start man, they open up and share. And they are powerful people. They are intelligent people, they are knowledgeable people, they are loving people. They’ve got as much heart and soul and spirit as anybody that’s got working legs. And that’s the thing that I’ve learned many times. It’s us that have the disability. Hmm. Wow. We view others. And now you may be sitting in a wheelchair, but I’m gonna watch out ’cause if I sit down at a car table with you, you might clean out my, you know, clean out my watch <laugh>. You’re not somebody that needs my pity or my sympathy. You may need a little assistance and I’m more than happy to provide it because what you give in return is a great blessing too.

Speaker 2:

Oh man. Thank you gie this has been incredible and I love what you said to death is a lousy exit strategy when you started reading the, the books on a legacy and just all that, that is such a great statement because if you’re listening to this, I want you to be able to live your legacy that is such a great resounding call. You know, battle cry of if you are stuck right now in the entrepreneurial rat race, you can get out of it. Go to the other pages here, go to simple cfo.com, schedule a call with our team and like we’ll point you in the right direction. Even if it’s not us. Like I’m not, like I said, I’m really not in it for all the money and just raking it in. It’s like I just wanna put you on the right path because if I could put you on the right path, then who are you gonna make an impact on?

That’s what it’s about. And that’s where if you aren’t, if this also goes as just a podcast, I wanna make sure you also get the website, it’s chair, the love.org. You can go there as well too. So there’s, if you’re watching this obviously you can just scan that QR code right there. If you’re listening to this, if we do it in just audio form as chair the love.org, you can go there as well too. Like I said, I endorse Augie big time. I’ve seen him in person doing the events and a lot of people vouch for him. And then I’ve seen the chair, the love and the impact and the stories and then the pictures and all that. I’m going to go on one of these in the near future. One other question I wanted to ask. If someone has a child, how old do they have to be to go on one of these excursions with you to go and on one of these trips?

Speaker 1:

That’s great because children make the best ambassadors of all. Yeah. They are just for sure unfiltered and adorable and we’ve had kids as young as seven.

Speaker 2:

Wow. There you

Speaker 1:

Go. The distribution trip now, you know, parents have to, you know, make the judgment call. Yeah. But we had seven year olds, nine year olds, 11 year olds, 12 year olds. And you know, we’ve had 85 year olds so, and people should know that even though we go to developing and third world countries, we stay in good, safe quality accommodations. We eat good safe food, we drink bottled water and we always have people with us in country. So it’s a very safe experience. And I know a lot of Americans, you know, fear traveling overseas and this is not that kind of a deal. So think of it in terms of charity tourism, you’re gonna get to see some of these countries, unlike other people get to see them. And that’s really cool too because yeah, typically partner with Rotary clubs and other service organizations around the world and so these people love to show off their country. So you’re gonna get to see kind of the insiders, you know, tour as well. So not only do we do good work, but we get to have a really good experience and see things that a lot of other people wouldn’t get to see. Yeah. So join us. We’d love to have you bring your kids and it’s a great learning experience for the kids too.

Speaker 2:

Are those OnAir the love.org, those the upcoming trips? Yes,

Speaker 1:

They’re, yes they are just, there’s a tab that says distributions and you click on that and it’ll show you, you know what we’ve got lined up. Yeah. Between now and the end of the year.

Speaker 2:

Awesome. So there you go. That’s how you can join one of those. If you’re listening to this and you’re watching this and that interests you and you want to do something like that, which could be life-changing for you and very great perspective. If you have a child who needs a dose of reality of what the world is as well too, like I’m excited ’cause I’ve got a six year old and we’re gonna go on one of these in then over the next year and I want to take her along too. I just want give her just more openness to like what the world is and how, why do we do the things that we do? Why does Daddy go to his office? Why does he get on these calls? Why does he record stuff? Why does he, it’s to make sure that this stuff is getting out out there and we’re actually making an impact and these are the type of people that we want to help.

We want to help chair the love and we want help the different organizations we give to, we want to give of our time and we also want to give of what we’re able to also get as well too. That’s where I just wanna have that healthy dose and I think that’s such a good thing too. And thank you for sharing the different age levels and things and then where to find it. Again, that’s share the love.org. Agie, this has been awesome. Living your legacy, make sure you live it today. Death is a lousy exit strategy. You gave us those four levels with the fifth bonus one of living Your legacy. That was incredible as well too. Thank you so much for doing this and for making an impact for you going out there, making an impact on these people, but then making an impact here of just being able to share this with other people.

To be able to hop on board and say, Hey, if you wanna make an impact, you can do it today for as little as like $18. Like if you wanna give there, that’s something that most anyone can do. Almost 20 bucks just to be able to do something like that. If you want to start somewhere, that’s where I’m always just like, start with where you can. Don’t listen to the people that are doing six, seven figures in there giving millions of dollars. It’s like what can you do and feel good about what you can do and then start on that path and that’s how you grow, you grow from there. So just start where you can. Augie again, thank you so much for being on this show today.

Speaker 1:

Well David, thank you so much for having me and to everybody listening, live your legacy. Start today, make it your lifestyle and I will tell you it will enrich your life beyond Measure. Thanks.

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